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BSPA Passport Forms & Information


Recent Regulatory changes have occurred that now require a passport for any foal to be applied for within their birth year no later than 30 November. (Previously 31/12) For any applications received after that date (30/11) then a Late Application "Replacement" document will be issued, and the equine signed out of the Human Food chain.

 BSPA PASSPORT RECALL NOTICE: (Applies to BSPA Passports only)

If you have a BSPA Passport ( or a BHD Passport issued on behalf of BSPA) between 1999 & 2001 which does NOT have any “Medicinal Treatment” pages either Section A & Section B (not intended or intended for slaughter for Human Consumption),

And / Or a UELN (a15 digit “Unique Equine Life Number” commencing with 826013),

Then you are required by law under Passport regulations to return the document to BSPA for updating.

  • It will be re- made to current Passport Security standards, including being indivisibly bound using rivets, a numbered pages pack & a Hologram.
  • Any current health information will be transferred into the new document.
  • You should be aware that if your horse/pony has not been excluded from the human food chain by any previous owner or you, then the BSPA is required by Passport regulations, to do so prior to returning the document to you.
  • Where a horse/pony has been signed into the food chain by any previous owner or you and the passport when returned to BSPA is intact, and undamaged, then that status will remain in the new document. Where there is any doubt as to the veracity of such a declaration then the BSPA is required by Passport regulations to declare the animal as “Permanently Excluded”.
  • A special reduced fee of £15 has been agreed for all such replacement passports.