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Types / Breeds


Type Colour Image (click to enlarge)
Piebald  Tobiano Traditional
Show Cob  Skewbald Tobiano Show Cob
Vanner Skewbald Tobiano Vanner
Driving Cob Piebald Tobiano   Driving Cob
Native Ridden Lemon Skewbald Tobiano Native Ridden
Inhand Native Silver Dun Skewbald (Sabino) Inhand Native
Miniature Shetland Piebald Tobiano Miniature Shetland
American Breeds (Paint Horse)  Chestnut Overo American Breeds
Paintabian (Arab Type) Bay Skewbald Tobiano  Pantiabin Arab Type
Show Pony Chestnut Skewbald Show Pony
Leadrein Pony Grey (Blue) Skewbald Lead Rein Pony
Hack / Riding Horse Ridden Skewbald Hack Riding Horse
Hack / Riding Horse Inhand Skewbald Hack Riding Horse
Warmblood Bay Skewbald Warmblood
Hunter Pony Skewbald Tobiano Hunter Pony
Working Hunter Pony Grey Skewbald Tobiano Working Hunter Pony
Working Hunter Skewbald Tobiano Working Hunter
Working Cob Piebald Tobiano Working Cob
Sport Horse Skewbald Tobiano Sport Horse
Sport Pony Skewbald Tobiano Sport Pony